Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"I Lived In Nigeria" Get To Know Me.

Good good mooooring cyber family! Hope you all had wonderful evenings, and refreshing sleep. Now it's time to get up and grind away! Thank God the summer is coming for me, I will finally get to rest and more importantly blog/vlog FUUULLL time!!! 

So last week we had the Nigerian tag, this week is the Get To Know Me tag. Are you enjoying finding out a lot about me? Because I am definitely enjoying sharing with you all. If you have not yet subscribed to my youtube channel, then you are on a loooooong tin oooh. If not because you like me and want to be up to date with my videos, then do it for the future giveaways. I will actually think about running some giveaways on the channel alone sometimes. So that means, if you are not subscribed, YOU WILL NOT KNOW! 
Don't be like those people that won my last giveaway but were disqualified because they couldn't follow directions. (Speaking of those people, where are they now?) I hear crickets lol. Giveaways are great, but i've been thinking about only making them exclusive to active readers, because a lot of times people only come to win, and then they leave once it's over and never come back. Tear drop.

Anyways enough of that! Watch my video and Get To Know Me!

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