Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Nigerian Do You Think I Am?

This is a question which always comes with interesting answers and assumptions. As you all know I live in the USA, but exactly how Nigerian am I? Was I born in Nigeria? DO I speak my language? DO I know what town I am from? Can I name some Nigerian dishes besides Jollof rice? Most people are shocked when they hear the answers to those questions. Watch my video of me answering some of these daunting questions!

The Questions Asked:
1. What’s your Nigerian name?
2. Were you Born in Nigeria?
3. Favourite Nigerian movie?
4. Favourite Nigerian song? (sing it & not add background music. LOL)
5. Favourite Nigerian food?
6. When was the last time you were in Nigeria? How many times have you been to Nigeria ? 
7. What tribe are you?
8. Say something in your tribal language?
9. What do you like most about Nigeria?
10. What do you hate most about Nigeria?
11. Do you have any Nigerian Nicknames?
12. What makes you different from other Nigerians?
13. Do you speak your language?
14. Do you speak pidgin English?
15. What around your house represents your culture?
16. What is a ridiculous question you were asked about your culture?



  1. Hiya Lady gee of Destiny! So this was mega fun to watch eh! I loveee the fact that you both had madt fun doing it.. **Wears Mr. Nigeria Smile.. Thats whats up!

    heheheheh she said "BlackBerry Babes was a RUBBISH movie" heheh Trust me Nne.. **in Timaya's voice.. I Concur.. That Movie was Annoying.. but it trended like wild fire cause of the name though.. and yeah.. your Friend is from my statee... **Shines Teeth.. Imo State for the friGGing win Yooo!!! No wonder she is soo full of Life.. We Imo People are too cool for school yo!! **Winks

    Thanks for sharing Ogoh :).. This was delight to watch. Blessings!

    1. I glad you enjoyed watching it, as much as I enjoyed making it! And wow, had no idea you were igbo! This whole time I was thinking you were yoruba. Nno nwanne'm!


  2. Hey babe, I got so messed up when you didn't invite me for your trad. Don't mind me though, am just kidding and wishing God's presence in this phase of your life. I thought we had a makeup deal?

    1. Lmaoo trad keh? Haha girl you tried it! Biko no start controversy for my blog ooh!! hahaha! Trust and believe when I have my trad wedding or any kind of wedding, my blog page will be flooded with pictures, videos and lots of gist for you all! =D



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