Saturday, March 26, 2016

Watch my new Video! Afraid of Being Old and Alone! | Gabychronicles

Good morning everyone! Oya come make we talk! Ladies, do you feel pressured to settle down because you have loads of suitors around you? Are you afraid that this is your "prime" and if you don't make a decision to pick one you might end up old and alone?

Well come sit down and hear the advice I gave to a reader in dilemma.


  1. You do know you are a very pretty SomeboRRy ba.. Dont you Lady Gee?! I mean the dance at the beginning of the video was mmmwwwwaaahhh!! And Simi and Falz had a ghen ghen video with that clip! It had me appreciating Falz's talent for the very second time (After Karashika i mean).

    Call me silly eh.. But i am a very confused Human Being. I believe in the fact that love is a beautiful thing.. and i also believe in the fact that Love is a choice. So my Candid advice to the lady who sent in the question is to follow the still calm voice in her heart. I mean on the long run yeah.. its up to her to make the decision of either accepting any of the many many suitors that come her way, as I believe in due time yeah.. she could CHOOSE to love any of them.. or she waits for a prince Charming to ride on by... Its all up to her.

    I however would sincerely advice for the latter.. as Love will always come.. and hence shouldnt be rushed.. But we should be ready to see it when it does come... As love often times comes wrapped in unpleasant packages.

    Thanks for sharing Lady Gee of Destiny.. this was a ghen ghen Video.. It was loads of fun to watch. Blessings!

    1. Thats awfully nice of you to offer your words of advice! and thank you for the beautiful compliments! lol

    2. Pleasure is all mine Nne. Blessings!


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