Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Video Up! Sisterhood of The World Tag!

Hi readers!! We are in 2016, and this year is looking so bright!!! The blog has been dry for a month yes I know, but my longtime readers understand that I'm always in Nigeria this time of the year, so I rarely blog when I'm here. I will soon be back at it though! Just be patient.
I shot a video, and shared it on my YouTube channel almost a month ago, but for some reason I wasn't able to share it on my blog, then I travelled to Nigeria immediately after, so I have not tried ever since. I'm posting the link here so you can copy it and go watch the video. Once I get back to the States I will try to properly share it again. Have in mind that I shot it in December so I make reference to the end of 2015, rather than being in a New Year.
Shout out to our very own Duru Adolphus Jr. For the tag!
My new video is up! Watch me answer 10 random questions about me. 



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