Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Sunday Readers!

I just got back from Church this morning and I'm crying  that the weekend is almost over!!! Nooo! It seems to just come in and go out without a warning, leaving all of us wishing it could hang around just a little longer. Since Sunday is already here, let's spend it effectively because "A Sunday well spent, is a week of content". 
Speaking of content, I'm still very open for ideas on more blog content, I feel like I've touched almost everything here from, school, relationships, hair, marriage, and even some sex! (Ohlala). So as always shoot your emails with ideas, and "dear Lady G" questions. 

Stay blessed XOXO 


  1. But isn't weekends the Gift that keeps on giving?? Weep no more Lady G..another one will be here ; a better one..before you know it!!


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