Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dear Lady G: How Do I Get A Girl?

Yaayy as promised a few months ago, I have finally come out with my very first video! The topic is on "How To Get A Girl". I have to say I was soo nervous publishing this video, because I knew it had a lot improvemnets that needed to be done, but it's my very first one and the first video is always he worst one. Hopefully if I keep the videos coming I will get better and better for you all. Hope you enjoy the tips and please leave your comments and suggestions on how to improve in the future. Also like and subscribe to my channel to support your favorite blogger!

Remember you can always Submit your Dear Lady G questions to my email gabyanastasis@gmail.com!



  1. Yyyyyyyyyaaaayyyy! aYam First to cmment! Whoop! Whooop!!!! Oh my Lady Gee! This was soo much fun to watch eh! plus it had me smiling like a fish inside waRRa.. heheheheh Please do more videos Bubba.. Pretty please. You are a natural.. Plus you seemed to be having loads of fun while at it.. And that's the koko right?! Sooooo.. All i have to do is Listen and be Spontaneous eh?! Dasalla?! Aha!! can you imagine?! and aYav been trying soo hard to be who i wasn't all this while.. smh for me... Note taken Nne.. Note Taken.. heheheheh @the Serial killer.. Aha nah Bubba.. eez neFer that deep nah.. NeFer :)

    So its 1: 55 Am, and i am still at my desk with paper every where.. but this post had me **Steps out **comes back 2 minutes after.. ehen as iw as saying.. This post had me smiling from deep within me.. Sorry went to scan paper :) So thannnkk you for this Bubba.. Amma sure gonna try it out.. and i will give my testimony here really soon.. **wears Mischievous smile.. I mean guys like me think sex is rocket science.. But this video just made me realize I had been doing EVERYTHING wrong...

    Thank you Bubba.. tahnk you... and the crowd goes.. Ooooossshhhheeeeyyy Turn uP! :*

    1. Glad you liked it! Geez I can't believe you're still at work though! Take heart dear.


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