Saturday, September 5, 2015

Good Morning it's Saturday!

Good morning blog family! It's Saturday morning and the weekend is officially in motion. I hope none of you are like me, because I have nothing planned to do so far this weekend, but hopefully I will get that phone call that will change my life. Wish you all a safe and sound weekend. I seem to be running out of blog content to post about (covers face with shame). Feels like I've covered everything here. To help me out and keep the party going here, please leave any suggestion in the connect section of what you would like me to talk about. Also you can email your "Dear Lady G" to I've been considering taking on video vlogs lately. I've actually started ordering equipment for that, but I'm kind of not sure how to start lol. I'm afraid my voice is not captivating enough. We'll see where this takes us though. For now let's keep working on the blog we have right in front of us.

Love you all, be happy and be safe this weekend!! 
And remember, calories don't count on the weekend *wink*


  1. I love this look!!! The colors complement each other so well. Super cute!

  2. Kai you this geh ehhhnn!! You can sha know how to fine for state shhhhha! Aha!! WaRRapin ni?! Only you 1 will be fining all this fine ke?! Diarisgodoooooo **Cleans left Ear with Cotton Bud.. You say what?! Running out of wha?! Eheen oh! If na play stop am nah nah!.. Inshort aYaF vex...

    Dear lady G,

    Hiya Bubba.. Can you please give me tips on how to get a Girlfriend (AKA how to get Laid sincerely).. I have been trying for like a year now.. But e nor dey work.. Please Advice.. A Brother eezz geRRing lonely.. Please help..

    In other news.. **kneels down on 1 knee like ammAbout to propose.. Dear Lady G.. I nominated you for the Ms Verstaile Award on the Young and Confused Blog.. Please do you mind Taking up the Challenge?! Pretty please Nne.. I beg you in the name of eeeeehhhmmmm... Ehen! I beg you in the name of Versace.. Please nah.. Oya Please.. **Wears Puppy face... Please see link below..

    P.S: I am serious about the how to get a geh friend ish oh, i seem to just be plenRRy shades of Stale in my toasting technique :(

    1. Loool this is going to be a funny post! But I will do it. 5 tips on how to get laid coming up very soon! And aww thanks for the nomination! I will check out your page to see what I will need to do! XOXO


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