Sunday, August 23, 2015

Face Palm Moment! Russell Wilson's Ex-Wife CAUGHT Trying To Shade CiaraAnonymously (Photos)

This is one of those stories that make you put your face down in your palms and go "C'mon man". Apparently the internet detectives busted Russel Wilson's (Ciara's boyfriend) ex wife Ashton Meem, pretending to comment as someone else on Instagram. Oh brother I can't wait for the media to jump on this!  Photos of the bust below!

Here's where she messed up. 

1. She forgot to sign out of every account on her computer before commenting. 
2. she used ‘we’ in her sentence and then re-commented again, saying she meant ‘he’ not ‘we’ blaming the error on auto correct.  

Readers of the site were very quick to sniff Ashton out and attacked her for showing up on a post about her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

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