Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekend Recap.

 Good morning readers and happy Tuesday! I was supposed to upload this weekend recap on Monday like I usually do, but time did not permit me to. Anyways I am happy to be able to bring it to my lovely readers today. Better late than never as I always say when I am late with a post! This past week and weekend were special ones. I seemed to have gotten more rest than I usually do this time. I took 2 days off from work and just rested. it was the best thing i've done for myself. Apart from resting I also took a mini vaca with some friends to South Padre Island.
It was such a long trip getting there because we drove. I would like to say that I enjoyed myself, but the weather didn't give the best experience. We arrived on the Island Sunday evening and left Wednesday afternoon.

When we first arrived at the hotel I was so excited to see that we had our own balcony. I love balconies because it offers you a little escape when you need one. I also love to eat breakfast and watch the sunset, so it was perfect for me! My friends and I did things like go to the beach, swim in the beautiful hotel pool, and relax in the hot tub. I must say hot tubs are sinful!
It should be illegal for something to feel that good. I planned a parasailing activity but the weather that day forced me to have to cancel it. If you don't know what parasailing is, it's simply when you are in a parachute 500ft in the air, and a boat gently pulls you along. It's a great activity for the adventurous minds. Besides swimming and relaxing, we caught up with a lot of my brother's friends who also happened to be on the island. They were pretty fun to hang with. We played a card game called bullshit, and as usual I won! I always seem to win every game involving the opposite sex as my opponent. Hmm, I guess i'm just gifted like that!


Future Miss Africa baby!

Fast Forward to the Next Weekend

I ate myself to death! All I did was eat, eat, eat! It was crazy! Saturday night was my very good highschol friend's birthday party. It was a beautiful event! She really went all out. The party was a black and white affair. Because I am an angel I chose to wear white, the color that matches my soul (hehehe yeah right!). We had so much fun at the party. Everyone danced the night away and I ofcourse helped myself out with the food and wine, like I do at every party!

Sunday evening I also went out to dinner with a friend, and we had sushi! It was so delicious. The best sushi i've had. I ordered lots and lots of food, the table was almost spilling over! haha. I no dey form when it comes to food at all. The valet man almost reduced my ration though! I pulled up to the restaurant parking lot and noticed that there were cones in every parking spot. The valet man then flagged me down to stop. When I stopped I rolled down the window to ask him if there is any self parking. To my surprise he told me that there is only valet parking. I must say I was very shocked and suspicious because i've never seen that before, but I just obliged. As I was about to hand over my keys, my friend spotted what was going on and immediately called me saying don't give the valet people my car, that they are just tricking me. Lol the funny thing is that my call was on bluetooth so the valet man heard the whole conversation! Anyways he deserved it. Shame on him for being dishonest!

Hope you all had glorious weekends as well, Have a blessed week ahead guys!


  1. Chai I missed out. But nice weekend u really had. Enjoy dear

  2. Chai I missed out. But nice weekend u really had. Enjoy dear

    1. It was a great weekend. Wonderful time to get away from things and just relax. Too bad it's over and I'm back to real life! :(

  3. Oshey Turn uP!!! Biko **drops on kneess... can I come and goan be like you when I grow up?! You turn up every weekend!!! :) You go gurlll...

    1. Every weekend ke? I wish oh! I'm very dryyyy this weekend, come and take me out!


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