Monday, November 17, 2014

How Do Stripping And Mortal Combat Go Together? Let's Take A Strip Challenge...

  Ladies have you ever had the guys underestimate your ability at playing video games? For some reason guys always think that they are better than us, but this girl right here shut them down! I visited a friend of mine one weekend, and he asked me if I have ever played the game "Mortal Combat". Obviously with me not being much of a video game person unless its dance central, or some aimless game that lets you make money and buy virtual clothes, houses and cars I said no. He insisted and challenged me to a game, so I eventually accepted and we played. I was pressing every button on the control pad, even the ones that did not make sense. Long story short he ended up beating me, which was no surprise.

At that point I felt I knew what I was doing and asked for one more round. To my surprise I beat him this time. OOh how happy I was! Of course as a typical guy he used the "I just let you win" excuse... Ladies get in here! Now we all know that the one thing that makes a lady put her construction hat on is when a man uses that phrase. Now I was really determined to show this guy that what a man can do A WOMAN CAN DO BETTER!! So I told him to give me his best shot and I will still beat him! In his cockiness, he challenged me to a game of strip mortal combat. In this game, whoever loses has to take off an item. I was so nervous and hesitant to accept at first, but then I got a boost of confidence and told him to bring it on. (continue)...

So the game began. I was on a role, I kept beating him time after time, and boy the clothes were coming off! I was so excited and so happy!. Then the tables suddenly turned. He started beating me!! Oh no! I couldn't believe it. It took a few rounds before I regained control and finished him off. Hehehe. Yes hunnay, I FINNISHED HIM (naughty naughty). I ended up only taking off a pair of earrings and my hair bow (though if I had actually lost, I still wouldn't have stripped anyway lol). Him on the other hand... Lets just say he slept very very cold that night.

Hope you all enjoyed my funny story. Ladies, the next time a man tries to challenge you, TAKE THAT CHALLENGE! Share, subscribe, comment and follow me on instagram or twitter (links are on the side bar). Stay blessed!


  1. Too cute...this is hilarious! Great post :)



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