Monday, October 6, 2014

Edo State Lawmakers Get Into A fist Fight.


This has got to be the most embarrassing news ever, but in Nigeria it is an everyday thing. This happened Monday as the Edo state Law Makers tried to gain entry into the house of assembly a free for all fist fight broke out.
 The Problem is said to have started when the court served four employees suspension letters, but despite their suspension they insisted to be let into the building. The police commissioner tried to speak with the lawmakers to calm down, however all fell on def ears as they carried on with their fight.

We have got to do better...


  1. Pls I wld like to know, was anyone's head broken. I will feel disappointed if their punches weren't so effective.

    1. Lol haba. Not that I know of. Everyone went home without injury. Thank God too!!


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