Friday, July 4, 2014

Ladies: What Not To Do in Your Relationship/Marriage.

     There are a couple of things that women are guilty of when it comes to our love affair. Talking to other women that are single, in a relationship, engaged to be married and married, I have come up with a summary of some of the things us women should be careful not to do in our relationships and perhaps even marriages.

1. Your Man Is Not A Psychic.
We are all guilty of this crime. Expecting your man to know what is wrong with you when you have not even communicated it with him. Often times women punish their men for not being able to realize a problem, but failing to realize them self that they have not even told him that there is a problem. One lady spent almost a
week being mad and resenting her husband for offending her. She had concluded that he just doesn't care and does not love her.Finally she blew up and told him how selfish he is for not apologizing for what he did. It was at that moment that she got to find out that he was completely clueless and had no idea that he had even done something wrong. One thing that I have learned is that a man is not a psychics so stop expecting them to be.

2. Stop Making Him Earn Your Respect
Your man is your man, and he should always be respected. He deserves it, It's his right. The same way you would always expect him to respect you. Sometimes ladies our lips can be reckless. We say and do things with little to no regard for how it will make our man feel. From hanging up or ignoring his phone calls when we are unhappy, to saying hurtful things to him when we are angry. These are all ways that we disrespect our men and don't even know it. The idea of "I'll respect him when he earns it" needs to stop. He has earned it. That is why he is yours. If you do not deem him fit enough to have your respect than he should not be fit enough to even be your husband or fiance. So ladies lets make it a point to watch what comes out of our mouths, especially when directed towards our men.

3. Don't Involve People In Your Relationship
Just Don't do it.A relationship is only between 2 people, you and your significant other. It's never a good idea to involve a third party or even multiple parties as some people do. When you have a problem with your partner and go running to someone like a parent or a friend to tell about your problems, you're not fixing it You're only adding to it.

4. Women Are Not Always Right
I myself have this problem of always thinking I am right in every single thing. It's usually either my way or the highway. Ladies sometimes you are not right and should let things go.

5. Always Telling Your Friends Negative Things About Your Man
One thing a lady should not do, is always telling her friends all the negative stuff about her man. There is nothing more unhealthy for a relationship than a room full of women talking bad about your man. Its not a good look at all. Not only is it not lady like to do so, but it is also not fair for him. He deserves the respect of your friends and family. Okay, so he forgot to pay the light bill last month, or had recently had to work late and due to that has not been spending as much time with you as he used to, or he doesn't last long in bed. Telling your friends how hopeless he is will not improve things. You don't want your friends judging your man, if he is your man you want to always protect his interest.

These are only a few of many points of what not to do in your relationship. If you have any to add, feel free to do so as a comment. I'll be updating as they come. Stay tuned for the Men's version, coming soon to a blog near you!!


  1. As a newly married woman I can say that you are really intelligent and have even taught me.These are really good points. thanks.

    1. I appreciate that. I can't take full credit for it though. I simply learn from observation and also words from family and friends.


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