Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap. My day at Speaks Tv and My First Broadway Show.

Good morning readers. Hope you all had a blessed weekend filled with lots of rest to get you ready for the week. I tried to make the most of this weekend because unfortunately I will be headed back to school tomorrow to begin session 2 of summer (sobs), the things I do to graduate.
   This weekend was an interesting one because I got to do two new things. I got an offer from a friend to co host a talk show show on SpeaksTv, which is a new station on Houston cable channel 15-2. The concept he gave for the show was for it to be centered around the importance of hard work, education and how successful people made it. I saw the idea to be quite different and accepted the offer to host with him. Friday evening we went to the studio where we shot the first episode of the show. I was a bit nervous because I did
not know what to expect. We got to the studio and were welcomed by the producers, a very warm and young couple. They made me feel comfortable and got us ready to begin the shoot. You won't believe how much work goes into production. The numerous amounts of takes and corrections one has to do until they get it right. For a 15 minute episode we started working at 630 and were there till after 10pm! Boy I was exhausted! Imagine having to sit in the same position and smile for almost 4 hours. One moment of respect to the movie stars that do this almost everyday. All in all I would say it was a lovely experience, one that I would love to do again. For now, if you are in Houston watch SpeaksTv (15-2), to see my shout out video and stay tuned for the premiere of the show Think Right, Live Right. 
On Set of Think Right, Live Right

Now for the Broadway show!

Everyone has heard about Broadway. Where you see the best theatrical performances in the country. I had a free Saturday so my friend offered to take me to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway. It was so beautiful and way beyond my expectations. If you think you have seen acting, you have not seen it until you see it done live in a Broadway play. These performers are so natural and effortless. It's almost as though they were born on the stage. I really enjoyed the show, it took me back to when I was little and always wanted to be a mermaid (lol yes I wanted to be a mermaid, so what?).

This was my weekend, feel free to leave a comment and tell me about yours, also stay tuned for more future giveaways that will be announced either on the blog, my facebook page MyPage!!! , or twitter MyTwitter!!  And always remember, Stay Blessed!


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