Monday, May 12, 2014

Jennifer's Graduation!

        Good morning beautiful people and welcome to the first day of a blessed week. It was a an activity filled weekend for me, as it is graduation week for most schools down here. I went to a couple of graduations of friends that have completed their college journeys and I would like to once again congratulate them for a job well done. Passing through college is not an easy task and you all should be proud to count yourselves among the class of graduates. A friend and sister of mine was among the wonderful graduates this weekend. Jennifer graduated on Saturday from the University of Houston. You might remember her from my last weekend recap post of her sister's birthday. I was honored to attend her graduation ceremony and celebration. Jenny's party was everything fun, we all had a wonderful time and laughed our socks off (her dad is a natural comedian), the party was rocking, the food was in EXCESS, and money was flowing (you know how we Nigerians like to party)!! Its also quite obvious that a Nigerian girl can't enjoy her youth without being scolded about marriage. All her aunties and uncles did not allow her to forget that it is time ooo! It seemed like that became the theme of the party! HaHa poor Jenny. Jennifer's night was truly a night to remember and I am so happy and proud of Jennifer on her achievement. This is only the beginning of your testimony.
Enjoy some of the fabulous moments!

P.S. shout out to Jennifer's mom on the amazing food, I am still full from all that deliriousness!.

The graduate and her younger sister

That's Jennifer's brother, I know what you are thinking, Yes Girl He's Single!! Hehe


Her proud father in the stylish bow tie and her gorgeous mother in the fabulous res suit.

Jazmen doing her thing!

Lady G and the graduate :D

I had too! 

My Baaaby. Joshy!!

The Party

That's the baby of the house Joshua!

Mama Somto Blessing Jennifer

Mother Father and Daughter

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Don't forget to drop a congratulatory comment for the graduate! :)

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