Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Tricks and Treats. How will you be spending Your Val's Day!?

 It is February 12th and the countdown to Valentine's day has long been here. All the ladies are standing by anxious to see what their men have in store, and all the men are panicking knowing that they have nothing planned (lol I pity you). I will first like to remind everyone that valentine's day should not be a day to love the one you are with, you are suppose to love and cherish your significant other everyday. Valentine's day is only a day marked to celebrate that love that you have. If you have  not started planning or don't know what to do, DO NOT PANIC! I have some quick easy and romantic ideas for you...

         Here are little inexpensive and romantic ideas for a wonderful Valentine's day.

1. The Traditional Flowers at Her Workplace:
This is so simple and you can never go wrong. Sending your significant other flowers at their work place always screams "I love you and you are on my mind". The best part about this is both couples that are close together and one's that are long distance can participate in this. All you have to do is call the nearest florist to him/her arrange what you would like them to make, give them the address and the rest is history.

2. A romantic Dinner:
The best (and sometimes most depressing part for our single friends) is seeing the restaurants filled with couples having a romantic dinner on the night of valentines day. There is always so much love in the air that you can literally smell it! Taking your significant other out to a romantic dinner whether it is at a nice restaurant or in the comfort of your own home prepared by you, is a perfect way to reminisce on the love you two have shared. Just starring into her eyes on that candle lit dinner is enough to remind you why you love and have been putting up with her for all this time.

3. Wine, Rose Pedals and a candle lit Bath:
This would be my favorite option for me to do for my man (if i had the opportunity to).  Yes Valentine's day is not only for the lady, ladies our men want to be celebrated to! Being that valentine's day falls on a Friday, you could set up a trail of rose pedals starting from the door leading into the bedroom and to the bathtub filled with a nice warm bubble bath, lighted candles and 2 glasses of wine (one for you and one for him) for your man to have a nice intimate bath with you once he gets back from work. Imagine the smile and appreciation he will have on his face knowing that you did this cute romantic gesture for him.

4. Make babies (strictly for our licensed married couples... *cough* =D  )

5. Exchange Gifts:
I absolutely love receiving gifts almost as much as I love giving them. You can plan with your significant other to just exchange gifts on that day. You will be surprised what he/she will get you. Some couples make this a yearly tradition. It's crazy how competitive they get, it almost turns into a gift giving competition of who can give the best gift, the gifts get bigger and bigger each year sef, ah one day one might even vex and buy the other a car!

Hope I was able to give some ideas of last minute valentine's day arrangement you can do. Please share with me what you have planned for val's day. I really really want to know how my readers plan to celebrate or a story of your favorite valentine's day memory! I shared with you s it is only fair =D!!


  1. I'll be sitting in my house.

    1. Aw i'm pretty sure there is more to do than just sit at home.


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