Friday, February 28, 2014

What Would You Do If Someone Was Being Racist Around You?

   Singing Thank God it's friiiiday. Lol. Hello people. It is Friday morning and the weekend has almost just begun. I am extremely relaxed at the moment because one of my professors cancelled lecture today. Reason? WHO CARES!! So thanks to this cancellation I am able to use this extra time to talk to my second family! Hope you all had an amazing weekend, soon you can all rest and become refreshed for the week ahead.
Now about the post:
So I came across this video that one of my friends shared on Facebook. It is from a very popular TV show called "What Would You Do". The makers of the show set up various uncomfortable and unethical situations and try to see if the people around will do anything about it. In this particular episode a black man walks into a barber shop with his white girlfriend in a black neighborhood (the hood).
The lady cutting hair next to him starts making inappropriate remarks to him expressing her disapproval of him dating a white woman instead of what she refers to as a "strong black woman" . Watch the video to see what the people around do...

What would you do if you witnessed someone being racist around you?


  1. Wow. Racism is something I take very personally oh. I would probably reply with a meaner comment than the initial racist comment. People should have moved past all these stuff

    1. You're exactly right, people need to move past it. Sadly it looks like it might never go away.


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