Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blue Cabana Restaurant and Cafe Abuja

     Good day beautiful people and I hope you are having a Happy Happy New Year, I know I am. As you already know your favorite blogger always has your back. Whatever I enjoy I must always share with you,n which is why I have a new review of a spot in Abuja that brings a good time, good environment, good food and a good workout all in one place... (continue)

On Sunday after church I went out to lunch with some lovely ladies at Blue Cabana in Mabushi Abuja. I must say I was quite impressed when I walked in ; for a second I thought I was back in Houston. It was a very clean environment with great service, and not to mention the menu had so many interesting varieties of foods and drinks which is something you do not see very often in most typical Nigerian restaurants.
I ordered my favorite drink which is Lemonade (Yuuuum) and my favorite dish which is chicken alfredo using fettuccine pasta.

We also ordered buffalo chicken for appetizers and the rest of the girls ordered chicken and chips.

Over all I rate this place a wonderful spot to go with your friends, family and even on a date. For the restaurant there are two options, by the poolside or inside. The inside restaurant is equipped with a super sized television for sports lovers and there is even a large play pin for the little ones to keep themselves busy. I will definitely be going back there to enjoy another delicious meal and refreshing drinks!!

Meet Baby Amanda!

Baby Amanda's Mommy! Oluchi 

Your Favorite Blogger. Lady G :)

Baby Amanda!
Perfect day for nice cold chapman!

If you lie in Abuja or come down to visit, don't forget to stop by Blue Cabana for a day of good food and relaxation! 

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