Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Take SPECIAL care of A man "Be totally dependant on Him"

Toke Makinwa shared another video of her relationship advice, and this time it's how to take special care of a man. She promises that by following these tips you will reach that much anticipated  "M" word( marriage) continue...

      "Hey Guys, the Vlog of the week is out. This week, it's all about discussing those crazy advice that we young women receive. Ever had that Aunt or your Mother even tell you how to take special care of a man? Watch me the vlog and have a blast laughing at all those ridiculous things we women have to put up with. "

Watch : 
Tell me what you think about this interesting video. Do you agree with her?

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  1. ok. absolutely agree with the video. u know i kind of like being treated like a baby though. hope my girlfriend watches this video. but ladies, please don't think that yall are the only ones faking tears. lol

    1. Lol It's very obvious Toke was being sarcastic here. No woman should make herself a fool for a man.


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