Friday, August 23, 2013

My Goals For This School Year.

  As summer is coming to an end and I am getting ready to leave my family and head back to school, the sadder I get. Most people look at me like i'm crazy because I'm always sad to go back to school. Their point is, being that i'm in college i'm supposed to be excited to get back to freedom and fun. That is very true but we're talking about Gabby here, there's no freedom and fun for Gabby. I'm a completely mysterious person in school, I don't really talk to people, i'm literally MIA (missing in action) the whole time. I actually do this on purpose to ground myself so I don't go crazy and forget why i'm there, which is to study and make good grades so I can be great in the future. Anyways I have decided that I would like all that to change this year. Of course I will still put my studies first, after all that's the whole point of why i'm there, but this time I want to actually try and enjoy my college years. I don't want a situation where I'm older with children and I have no stories to tell about college (I have A BUNCH of stories to tell about boarding school tho!). So here are my goals this school year.

GOAL 1: Get To Know My Roommates
I am sick and tired of the American system of "Hi and Bye". I am a Nigerian kid raised with the Nigerian customs and I do not believe in living with someone you do not know. I want to get to know my roommates, if possible be great friends with them. Being close to your roommates really makes a change in your school experience. They are the people you live with, sleep with, wake up to and etc. I would love to be excited to go home and turn up with my girls when class is dismissed!

GOAL 2:  Make More Friends
All my life I have always been deficient in the friend making area. Don't get me wrong I have friends and wonderful friends for that matter, but I don't really have a friend that I can really trust and lean on at school. I live a very private life and try to keep my problems as my problems, which explains why people have a hard time getting past my wall. This school year I have decided that I am going to let my wall down and welcome people in. I really want to know what kind of people are at my school and make friends with the ones that can really add some value to my life.

GOAL 3:  Be An Active Member
Being part of an association be it school, work or whatever, you have to be an active member and add value to where you are. So this year I want to be an active BEARKAT (our Mascot) and add some value to my school or an organization on campus. I want my name to be known and my voice be heard. Lots of people don't know that I am a very very opinionated person and will go on about anything if you strike me in the right area. I took after my dad in that aspect.

GOAL 4: Get A Workout Buddy And Get Skinny Together
I am an official member and spokesperson for team get skinny or die trying! I don't really want to be skinny because I'm also a spokes person for curvy ladies ( one can say that I am CONFUSED) but you all get where I am going. I want to get a workout buddy that is just as motivated and loves to workout like me. This summer I developed a new love for working out. I will workout for 12hours if I could afford to. My goal is to be fit while still maintaining my shape. So this year hopefully I can get a partner just like me and we can go on a workout journey together!

Goal 5: Get To Know Huntsville
I know Huntsville is a small town and there isn't much there besides my school and the prisons but I really feel like I could make fun if I tried. I could check out the shopping mall or even sign up to go on tours of the prisons. I would even like to try out the night clubs (though I hate clubbing :( / ) and see how it is. I just want to get to know the town i'm in.

GOAL 6: Maintain A High G.P.A
This to me this is the most important goal of them all. School is and will always be my number one priority until I graduate. I will make sure that none of these goals get in the way of my studies. A good student knows how to maintain good grades while being able to have a social life, and that is exactly what I want to be. I'm tired of being the low key introverted nerd. I want to still maintain my status as a good student and have a life as well.

I hope I am able to successfully stick to these goals of mine. I will be doing blog updates like I normally do to let you guys know how my progress is going. For the meantime pray for your girl and I am also praying for all my readers to have a successful, fun filled and SAFE school year! LEGGO!


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