Sunday, July 14, 2013

No Justice For Trayvon.

Last night the verdict on the Trayvon Martin case was read and to my (not so surprised) surprise he was found not guilty of second degree murder and man slaughter. Saying that I am heartbroken is not enough to explain how I feel right mow. But then this verdict started to beg a lot of questions for me, we are all seeming to stand together in this case but yet
many black people die everyday as a result of killing each other and are celebrated for doing so. Why are we mad that someone else did the honors? Like someone said " how dare you kill me when I can do that myself". I hate to play the race card because it always bothers me when blacks or other minorities turn to it every time they feel something does not go there way, but in this case it is written boldly! Judging by the 911 call Trayvon Martin was racially profiled by George Zimmerman and that is the one and only reason George went after him. Not because he was committing a crime. Not because he was causing a ruckus. Not for anything but because a young black male was walking home on the sidewalk of a decent neighborhood.  One can say that the outcome is the sole fault of the prosecutors for not being able to convince the jury that Mr. Zimmerman was guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.  After all the anger and frustration I felt from this trial I have been able to move on and come to two conclusions.

1. You can get away with anything in Florida. Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman.

2. The way you dress sends a loud and sometimes wrong message to others.

All we can do now is put our hands together and pray for the protection of us and our families from wrong doing like what happened to young Trayvon Martin. Also pray for peace and better days to come. Rest in peace Trayvon and every other person that have lost their life due to injustice.

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