Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 Ways Not To Holla at a Lady.

Every girl is used to multiple guys coming up to her and trying to get her number which is perfectly okay, but believe it or not there is a Right way and a Wrong way to do it. Now guys, have you ever walked up to a lady and had her turn you down for no sensible reason what so ever? There's something you are doing wrong, and I'm about to tell you.

Mishap number 1:
Never ever walk up to a lady standing in line for the cash register without offering to pay for her items...
it just doesn't make any form of sense!! There is nothing more annoying than standing in a line to pay for items and a guy walks across a large room to come up to me,
tell me i'm beautiful (thanks by the way),ask me for my number and then just leaves. ARE YOU A LEARNER??!! The least you could do is help me carry them. I know a lot of guys reading this right now may disagree with me but this is just the fact. It shows politeness and sensitivity. Do you really expect her to drop her items to take your number and then bend down to pick them up again without you offering a little help? That will get you shut down quick!! Stop doing that guys, it's really annoying.

Mishap number 2:
I can not count how many times I or a friend of mine have been walking down the street and hear a guy make a loud animalistic sound at the sight of me and run over to get "the digets". That is the most irritating thing in the world. As I'm typing this I feel like throwing up. It is extremely manner less and not to mention disrespectful. If that usually works for you on other girls I guarantee you it won't work if you're trying to find a descent lady. Stop Doing That!! It screams immaturity.

Mishap number 3:
Asking a lady to come up to you...
If you want to talk to a lady walk up to her, don't ask her to walk up to you. Yesterday after a long day in class I was on my way back to my apartment and walked by a young man that was sitting on a bench who asked me if I could come over for a second. Uuum no sir I will not come over for a second, if what you have to tell me is important then get your butt up and walk over to where I am to tell me, if not than you're obviously not a serious person.

Mishap number 4: (and this one is especially for the "club/party promoters")
Do not ask a lady out after handing her a flyer for a twerk for $20 competition.
Are you serious? She's already offended at the fact that you gave her that flyer in the first place and now you have the nerve to ask her out upon that. She's only going to think one thing, that you just want to hit it. Which explains why you handed her a flyer to come twerk because you probably looked at her and thought "hmm she looks like the kind of girl that would wear booty shorts and come shake some behind for our entertainment". No no no!

Mishap number 5:
This is probably the most important of all 5. Makesure you are clean. When I say clean I mean no odor, be it from your mouth or anywhere else on your body. Now the talking to a girl in line to pay or making animal souds at her will work on some girls, but one thing that will never work on anyone is having body or mouth odor. That is the fastest way to get turned down. Like most ladies I literally want to throw up when a guy with bad breath is talking to me, and believe me guys you will know. I'll make a lot of faces, have my hand over my face a lot to block the smell and I'll even take a few steps backs in order to get out of range. Just brush and shower up okay. If you've ever been shut down for no apparent reason then i'm sorry to break it to you sir but that's probably why. Remember cleanliness is next to godliness :).

And that is all for the 5 Ways Not To Holla at A Lady. I'll be back with more as I always am. Hope you enjoyed and most of all hope you learned something...


  1. Lol thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to follow it.

  2. What about blogging about 5 ways not to holla at a guy. Girls holla at me all the time.

    1. Lol unfortunately i'm not a guy so I wouldn't know what to say. But if I were you I would be honored, it means you're one heck of a catch!

    2. lol! Well, lets see..... U.S. based, oil and gas career, own a '13 RRS, 6 ft tall - dark in complexion and athletic body type - you may be right about the heck of a catch. lol Most girls are 'thirsty' when they sense success. BTW nice blog!

    3. Well now you know why. Even if we wrote a whole book they will still com in armies lol. Thank you very much!

  3. Aha! no be small thing oh! this is deep to the Tee! Truth is.. on the long Run yeah! I think its different strokes (techniques) for for Different folks (Babes).. Some guys I know get laid on a steady with very Ridiculous chyking Tactics.. and i am like wwwhhhaaaattt???!! But what I do know for sure is that they defo dont sell SWAG at ShopRite.. So no 2016 classy chick would fall for any of the lame procedures above..

    heheheheh I remember once when I went to a club on 3rd Avenue.. and saw a girl far away.. i then pulled the "Send her a Drink move" and my Did I get her attention.. But she was an Olosho sha.. so I locked up :(.. Long and short yeah.. Life is just about the simple steps :) The simple steps... Blessings!


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