Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breakfast Tips: Sausage Omelet

   I woke up this morning with a craving for a huge omelet so I decided to head over to the grocery store and buy up the ingredients I will need to whip up one of my special bad boys. This is a quick dish you can serve for breakfast that will put a smile on anyone's face.


Ingredients needed:
Sausage (beef or pork)
potatoes or already made hashbrowns
Bell pepper
Red Pepper
Shredded cheese (optional)
Favorite spices

Step By Step:

1. Prepare your sausage.
Now you want to slice your vegetables, onions and mushrooms into small pieces. I don't usually cut up mushrooms too much just because I think It looks a lot more attractive that way.

Saute your onions first, this way the flavor will be brought out, after about 4minutes add the other vegetables and stir fry them. At this stage you will add your personal favorite spices, I used creole seasoning, mixed salt and a bit of garlic to give it a nice aroma. At this stage your sausage should be done and waiting, just throw them into the mixture and stir a little to distribute the flavor.

4. If you are using fresh potatoes to make your hash browns it is very easy. Dice up your potatoes into very small and thin pieces. After doing that put some salt on it and fry in shallow oil until they are golden brown. The hashbrowns will be used as part of the filling for your omelet.

Now that you are done making the filling for your omelet it is time to beat the eggs. Crack however many eggs your predict will be needed, I used 4 eggs for this. Put a little seasoning in the eggs and beat them till you see bubbles. Then oil up your pan and pour them in. let the eggs fry for a while so the inside of the omelet won't be too soggy. When the eggs are almost fully fried pour your filling on top of it. Try to keep it on one half of the egg so it will be easier to fold.

You are basically done making your delicious omelet and almost ready to serve. Feel free to slice up some fruits to serve as a side and also sprinkle a little cheese on top. At this point your omelet is ready to be devoured, Hope you enjoy! Let me know how it tastes. BON APPETIT!! 

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