Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Average Girl Spends 3500 Dollars On Hair Alone!

  Women have always soent a lot of money on hair but in today's recession more and more women are being forced to have to choose a cheaper way to go about their hair business. So in my good spirit I have taken the liberty of comparing and contrasting your options. Thank me later (Drake voice).
Now according to a study (done by me and me alone) I found that the average black woman spends wooping amount of money on this beautiful crown of ours. In today's recent time there are two groups of women. There's "Team Natural" and "Team Weaved Up", I happen to be a part of both "Team Naturally Weaved up". Now lets start with Team Natural

Team Natural.
 Team natural likes to make you believe that they are the best and not to mention cheaper option. This isn't exactly the case. Any woman that is or was a part of this team will tell you that she tried every single product in the world from the 2 dollar hair grease to the 50 dollar curling pudding before finding the one that worked for her. Also natural hair goes through products VERY VERY quickly. Being that we need to always keep our hair hydrated or it will be  almost impossible to manipulate, natural sisters use a lot of conditioner, hair lotion and other products to keep that baby alive. Now lets calculate how much we've spent so far. $2 hair grease $50dollar curling pudding and $100 dollars for all products in between. That's about $152 in one month. Now remember guys once you get these products you have to keep buying them when they run out. So all in all that's about $1824 a year. :)

Team Weaved Up
  Now  time for team weaved up. This team is seen as a more artificial and expensive option by our natural sisters and other sisters around the world. Team weaved up usually gets most of the heat for not embracing what God gave them (I say it's b*llshit) :) . Now the beauty of a weave is it's manageability and versatility, that only comes with the higher grades of hair like the complete human remy hair and virgin hair. The average member of team weaved up spends 250 dollars on one weave. The great thing about good hair is that it will last you as long as you can take care of it. So lets say in a year a weave smart person buys 3 weaves (9bundles) and keeps rotating them year round. That's about 600 dollars. Of course there's the cost of installing it (unless you know how to weave yourself up like me) which is about 50-60 dollars. Now days every body and there mama knows how to do a weave so if you're going to a hair salon and spending 200 dollars for one then sister you are doing too much! So now we have 3bundles of hair ($750) and 3 installs ($180). Then for those of you that relax your hair lets say about 60 dollars on relaxer a year. Of course you need to buy hair treatments, even though you're wearing extensions you have to still take care of your hair under, so 60 dollars in hair treatments. Giving us a grand total of $1050 for team weaved up. I think team weaved up is winning in the cost effective area. :)

Now that I have done you guys the favor of weighing both sides, you can now go ahead and choose what fits better for you. Also remember that it is possible to do both. Hope I was able to help you, let me know what you think!


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