Monday, April 22, 2013

Is It By Force!!??

  So a few days ago my lovely friend and I had nothing to do so decided to go to a club along with a few of our other guy friends. We went to cloud9 which is a popular African club in Houston to get our groove on. As we were on the dance floor dancing like no one was looking (cus that's what we do) a guy came up to us trying to make conversation, unfortunately for him we didn't really pay him much attention. I think he was saying something like it was his birthday and he would like to dance with us or something ( oh well). So my girl and I kept dancing and then another guy came up this time to me for a dance. I politely turned to him and told him that I was here with my girl and I won't be dancing with anyone tonight, but the guy insisted that the three of us could have some fun. Again I refused. Next thing before I could turn around he grabbed the two of us at the same time and cornered us against the wall. Insisting that he must get a dance. (I think we were pretty creeped out by that time) After he saw that he was getting no luck he very angrily whispered something in my ear about us Nigerian girls ( I really wish I heard what he said). Shortly after that my friend and I got tired of the club so we called our friends and left. As we were in the parking lot a car rolled up and someone yelled "excuse me", it was him. He began to apologize for his behavior and explained to us that he is from Nigeria and came here on a business trip and all he wanted to do was give his friend some fun but he was offended by how we acted (can someone tell me what I did wrong?). He then went on to offer the two of us a "night of fun" with no strings attached, saying that we don't have to do anything unless we want to. Loool. huh?! Did they write "runs girl" on my forehead. Of course we refused him and lied that our boyfriends were coming and will be very angry to see this scene. So the sad disappointed guy kindly accepted defeat, wished us a goodnight and drove away...  Note to all the men out there, IT IS NOT BY FORCE!! If she does not want to dance with you then just walk away, no need for all the drama. And to our lovely leading man in the story, I hope you find that special someone that will agree to dance with you someday :) .


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